Looks like Ronnie's Staying - for now!

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Not Wanted - But not gone
fter almost 2 weeks of silence from both sides during talks over Ronnie's future which Ronnie requested, somebody leaked something and started a media scramble with the rumours that Ronnie Moore was about to be sacked, with former Millers manager Billy McEwan taking his job.

However today has seen the talks come to a head, and most media outlets seem to have got some of it right but the end result wrong! (this site included!)

In a statement to the clubs official website at 5pm on Friday, the Millers Chairman Peter Ruchniwicz broke the news that discussions with Moore had come to an end, but it was'nt the news which many fans were wanting to hear!

As it stands, Ronnie Moore is still the manager, however his contract will not be renewed in May, and then he will leave the club. Meanwhile the Millers will be advertising for a new manager to takeover during the close season.

Ruchniewicz explained a little of what had happened.
"After the Yeovil Cup defeat, we received a request from Ronnie that it should bring forward the discussion on his contractual position to the board meeting scheduled for the following Saturday morning before the Wigan game on 15 January."

The Board
"A number of subsequent meetings have taken place both with and without Ronnie, culminating in an emergency board meeting when the directors reached the unanimous decision that it took a new direction next season. Consequently Ronnie was not offered a new contract and this was confirmed to him shortly afterwards."

"Given this turn of events, it was to be expected that discussion would be taking place regarding a possible package for an early termination of his existing contract.

"Regrettably no agreement could be reached following his rejection this morning of the board's final offer, which the board considered to be fair and generous."

Peter Ruchniewicz
The talk of Billy McEwan is way off the mark however as the hunt for Ronnie's replacement has not yet started.

This news brought many fans calling into Radio Sheffield's football heaven programme, mainly with disgust and backing Moore, however Peter Ruchniewicz called into the show to put a few answers across to some of the questions posed, and to put fans into the picture a little better.


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