Lack of goals is cause of late lapses

Last updated : 28 February 2019 By Millersmad

“My honest opinion is that we don't score enough to give us an easy win. “There have been games where we could have gone two or three up, but whenever it's a one-goal swing I think it is a difficulty." Warne told

“Understandably my team might tense up a little bit because they are so desperate to win, there isn't anything we work on on the training ground to make them rubbish in the last five minutes, but I understand the point, we have conceded late goals. Most teams in the bottom six would have a very similar figure,” 

“Whether it is a concentration thing I don't know. We went through the corner against Sheffield Wednesday, we half cleared the corner and then it was pure randomness. I don't know how you can coach out randomness in a football match."

“Sometimes the late goals have been justified because we have been under pressure from a better team and eventually if you put 30 crosses in something is going to go in. Some teams have got better players than us, they have one chance and they score.”

“We need to create a lot more, so we are probably more vulnerable to conceding a late goal, because we need to have four good chances in the last five minutes to score. That's not a criticism of my team, they are excellent, but fundamentally there are better players at other clubs."