Keep behind the club urges Coleman

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Speaking to todays Advertiser, Denis thanked the fans for turning up last weekend and hoped that a good number of them would continue to visit Millmoor in their promotion push.

"I want to say a big thankyou to the people of Rotherham for turning out in such large numbers. I also want to thank all the local media, especially the Advertiser, for joining in. It was a united effort from everyone, not just the fans."

"There were a hell of a lot of kids at the match, which was good to see because they are the fans of the future."

"Myself and the directors have put countless man hours in to keep the club afloat these last two years. It's been at a cost to all our businesses. If there were that many people in Millmoor every week it wouldn't be a probem and things would be a lot easier to handle."

"If people want a football club, they've got to stay behind it. We were delighted with the support on Saturday but we don't want to relax. We need a good percentage, if not all, of the people who turned out for the Wycombe game to come back next week against Hereford, which is another massive one for us." Coleman said.

"Like us, Rotherham Borough Council were pleased with last weekend but we don't have anything to prove to them. Roger Stone and the hierarchy at the council need no convincing about the validity of this new stadium idea. They're already behind it. We just need to convince everyone around the borough with any doubts that there is the will and the support to see this plan through." Denis went on to add.

"This isn't about what Denis Coleman and the board of directors wants. This is about what Rotherham United needs. Without a community stadium, we can't take the club forward."

After last weekends tickets were reduced, fans have called for reduced prices on a permanant basis, however the club have told fans they are unable to do this.

Denis Coleman told the 'Tiser; "We'd love to be able to charge those prices every week but it's not possible. Our match receipts last week were less than the MK Dons match, when the crowd was more than 1,000 less."

"It's a catch 22 situation. We could lower prices if we could guarantee getting that many people in, but if there's no guarantee then it is too big a risk. We have to pick the pieces up if results go awry and people stop coming." he added.

"Despite the success of last week, we need people to keep coming for the sake of the club as well as our plans to get away from Millmoor."

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