JCR - Southend hearing date set.

Last updated : 24 January 2006 By Bigrich.....
The Millers were due to recieve £117,000 from Southend on January 1st when the transfer window opened, however the promotion chasing club have yet to send payment and are apparently stalling over Jamals wage's.

Rotherham believe they have a watertight agreement with Southend over the transfer and have signed agreements and all the required paperwork is in order.

Tonights Rotherham Star reports that 2 other clubs used a simlar method to the Millers to get around the transfer window with the other clubs recieving thier payments for the players involved in early january.

The Millers case will be put to the FLDC on Febuary 6th, the same week as the two clubs meet at Roots Hall in League 1.

The FLDC could give Southend a number of various penaltys should the case be proed against them including, Fines, Transfer Embargo's, ordering payment and in extreme cases points deductions and possible expulsion from the league!!

Campbell-Ryce has not been able to play since his 3 month loan ran out on 28th of December, however the 22year old is still at Southend training although the Millers hold his registration.

The Star asked Millers Chief Exec for comment however he declined saying, "I don't wish to say anthing ahead of any hearing." say's the star.