I've got to prove my worth again.. Drewe

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31 year old Drewe scored the late winner on Saturday, but after spending the last 3 months out injured he feels he has to prove himself again for the new boss Ronnie Moore

"It's been a long three months out of the side and I'd only played a game-and-a-half in the reserves since the end of last season. The infrequency of the reserve matches has been difficult because you can't get any momentum. Hopefully I can get some now and work my way back in." Drewe told todays 'Tiser

"There's competition between me and Tom Pope now just like there was with Richie Barker last year. We're good friends and that's the way it is. It's true I have to prove myself all over again. Mark Robins brought me here but to be honest there were no favours from him. If I had been crap one week he would have soon dropped me. It's such a cliche but you're only as good as your last outing."

"Like everyone, I want regular football. There's a squad of 22 and everyone wants to be in the starting 11 because that's your job."

"Ronnie is a very experienced manager and more what I was used to with Paul Ince. He stands back and watches all the time and is not really hands on like Mark Robins was with the coaching and things. Perhaps Ronnie is more the motivator and you can see that. He's got a big presence."

"I've seen many changes of managers in my career but whoever is in charge the principal remains the same, he'll expect us to be professional and do our jobs and he'll pick the best team. It's about keeping the continuity and it's a plus that we've a good bunch here and they're good pros as well. The lads train hard and even when we were without a manager the results were still coming because we were still pushing." he added.

Drewe spoke about his goal from Saturday's game; "The ball dropped and I just helped it on its way towards the net knowing where the goal was. It just dropped in and it was a good feeling after being out for so long."

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