It's difficult but I've got to get on with it - ITM

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Ian Thoma-Moore is having a litle deja~Vú this week after seeing his dad leave the club he plays for, however speaking to the Star, the striker gives his thoughts.

“It was very difficult for me, You can’t just park it to one side when something like that happens because it is such a big thing."

“He’s been at Rotherham for nearly two years and they’ve not been out of the top six so it was a really dodgy time to make the decision but the chairman made it and I’ve just got to get on with it to the best of my ability.

“My dad made a big decision bringing me to the club and, probably, the first seven or eight games haven’t gone that well for me. I signed to play for this football club and I could have jacked it in because my dad’s gone but I’m a professional, I’ve another year left and I’m going to play on and do as well as I can." he added

“I’ve done okay so far but I’ve been on the left and the right but I always wanted to play up front, but with Alf scoring so often ... well, it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew when I got here that I’d be helping the side rather than playing in front of him."

Thomas-Moore got his wish to play up front with Andy Liddell's decision to drop Alf to the sub's bench on Friday.

“It was a big decision to make on Friday and I was delighted to repay the faith and start scoring. Who knows, I might not be up front on Tuesday  and if ‘Lidds’ wants to put Alf back in then it’s his choice and I’ll back him all the way.”

Liddell was full of praise for ITM; “He’s a top professional, I made the point to the players in the friendly we played at Chesterfield he’d worked so hard yet his dad had just lost his job."

“We asked him to play up front and to work as hard as he possibly could - and he could have turned round to us and said ‘eh, my dad’s just lost his job’, but he ran around like a mad man and he ran around at Lincoln like a mad man and worked really hard and he’s got three goals."

“He’s a good player whether he’s Ronnie’s son or not.” Liddell added.