It's been a tough day, but the hard work starts now - Evans

Last updated : 07 May 2012 By Bigrich.....

Speaking to the gaffer said, ''It has been a long and difficult day but we have made our decisions in relation to all the players. We can now move forward and focus on what we have to do to be ready for next season."

''We have looked at each individual player very closely since our arrival and we have studied numerous DVD's of matches earlier in the season so we could ensure our decisions are reflective of the campaign as a whole and completely balanced."

''Each senior member of my backroom staff has had an input into the decisions taken and to be fair to those guys, they agreed on most, if not every decision, I made."

''On behalf of everyone at Rotherham United I would like to thank every player for their efforts over the last 10 months or so. It is also very appropriate that we wish those lads leaving us every success for the remainder of their careers and remind them that they are indeed all very welcome to come back and see us at the New York Stadium."

''My focus is now on player recruitment; it is a key task so there is no time for a holiday, just yet. We are coming back home to a fantastic new stadium, the supporters and the town are ready for a successful team, and it is my sole objective to deliver that for them."

''The talking stops now and the real hard work starts. I would expect us to be adding eleven or twelve or new players to the squad so it will certainly be a very busy summer. As and when I have any news I will let our supporters know straight away, they are and always will be very important and we need them with us."