It will affect the players - Former Miller Woodhouse

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Speaking to the Rotherham Star, Woodhouse who trains in Rotherham said; "The Millers were flying at one point and it's a shame they have had this drop in form, It is hard though when there is so much going on off the pitch."

"When a club is struggling financially it is bound to transcend on to the pitch and have an effect on players. I know what its like, the dressing room hears negative things and people are bound to talk. Some may think: 'We've been doing well, winning and we might get docked 10 or 15 points - what's the point?"

"You are going to get disillusioned especially if results are not going your way."

Woodhouse who played 11 games for the Millers, told the club to hold onto Robins at all costs.

"He is a knowledgeable guy and he can turn things around there. Rotherham ought to make sure they don't lose him, because one day a bigger club will be interested in him and he might be on his bike.

"Nobody could blame him if he did either; you have to look after yourself." he added

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