It doesnt matter how they go in! - Rhodes.

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Rhodes cross cum shot settled last Saturdays game against fellow points deductee Luton Town to put the Millers just one win away from erasing the minus 17 points.

Rhodes tells todays Tiser that he meant the shot, then went on to say; "I just looked up and thought that if I got it in the right area then it would be OK— and then I saw it in the net! But as long as I score it doesn't matter if it goes in off my ear! If we get the right result then I'm happy."

"If it's one of those games where it's going to be scrappy it shouldn't really matter how you get the result. There was pressure on us with both teams being on minus points. That shouldn't really matter, but I suppose it did. "

"Luton had already picked up ten points, while we'd picked up 11, so both sides had done quite well so far this season going into the game, even though we were both still on a minus figure."

"They played well at times, but in this league you've just got to go out and get the results that matter. I know the first half wasn't as attacking as it usually is down here. But as long as the back four remain tight and do their jobs, that will give us the chance to go on and hopefully allow everything to fall into place."

"We can get to zero now at Dagenham which will be a big thing for us, but there's still a long way to go. At least we're going in the right direction."

Rhodes was recalled to the team after missing the last couple of games, "I was glad to get back in." he told the Tiser.

" Like the gaffer said, if you're playing well and doing the right things you'll always be involved, Even the lads that aren't involved—and I know it's disappointing for them— will have a chance here." he added.

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