I'm tired of being painted negative - Maccio

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Maccio who has lost his shareholding in the club when it entered administration told todays 'Tiser of his consortiums meeting with the administrator and his views for the future.

"We went to see the administrator last Thursday and he said he wouldn't see us unless we had £500,000 in funding. We had proof of well over that." Maccio said.

"I enjoyed my time working for Rotherham and I have been hurt by some of the criticism levelled at me. I still have feelings for the club and I am tired of being paint-ed in a negative light."

"To those who say I only emerged to save the club to try and save my shares, why am I still here? I could have walked away but I want the best for Rotherham United."

"We have a consortium of half a dozen people, all local, interested in the club. We are getting phone calls of support all the time. One company have come forward offering us £100,000 a year. These are people who have backed the club before and are interested in coming back if we were back in there." added former Marketing director Alan Cartledge.

"We are keen to know the true financial position because at the moment I don't think anyone has any idea. We don't know what Rotherham United owes. We believe it is possible to stabilise the club and grow it. It's not just about one person coming in. It's about a group working together and everyone getting involved for the same good reasons." he went on to say.

Although the pair gave no names of who else in involved in their consortium they denied rumours that former Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dave Allen was part of it.

The pair also stated their intention to try and stay at Millmoor rather than play at Don Valley in the short term future, and would speak to the Booth family to try and sort a deal out on the ground issues.

"Do you really want to be playing elsewhere than Millmoor? There's a history there. We know the natural progression is to have a community stadium, but in the meantime it would be better to stay in Rotherham. Moving to Don Valley would mean losing loads of fans and you couldn't put ground boards around the ground there." Maccio said.

"We would sit down and talk to the Booths and see what we could make work. Credit to them, after all the abuse they've been getting, they've never retaliated."

"The old man is at Millmoor for every single game without fail but I think his sons' feelings towards the club goes back to when some supporters abused his dad during his time as chairman."

Cartledge agreed by saying; "Don Valley is too open. It's not made for football and it's out of the boundaries of Rotherham. If it was as simple as moving there then it could have been done before now. There is a fan base that would not want to leave Millmoor, irrespective of the main stand not being complete."

Having recieved the sales pack from administrator Jeremy Bleazard, Cartledge confirmed that the consortium were looking through it.

"We have a good, strong team who are interested in the club and moving it forward. There is a liability there (with the high rent on Millmoor), but it's a case of trying to work something out, budgeting for the overheads, making the club more professional and moving it forward." he said.

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