I wanted backing totally - Scott

Last updated : 24 July 2011 By Bigrich.....

Speaking to the Star,  the gaffer told of insistance of the chairmans backing.

“I’d come in and seen what it was like and after a couple of weeks I went to the chairman and said I wanted to sort it out top to bottom,” Scott.said

“I told him what was needed, what was going wrong, what wasn’t going wrong, and he took it all on board. He said ‘right, do what you need to; if that’s what it needs, get on with it’.

“That’s what you want from a chairman. I said ‘look, you can do it this way or you can do it by half. If you want to do it by half then you’ve appointed the wrong man as the manager’.

“As I told him, I want to do it my way, the right way for the football club. It might hurt a little bit now, a lot of upheaval. But once it settles down that should be it.

“You have to build a football club and he wants that.” he added.