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Joseph looked at the Millers season thus far, and looks at what could have been if the Millers were not deducted the 17 points in the summer.

"We are still looking to catch the teams above us and we want to finish up in mid-table and push for the play-off spots really, It will be tricky for us to get promoted this season, but if we can get into a position where if we hadn't have lost the points we would have had an opportunity to be in the play-offs it will say a lot about the character of the players we have got here at the minute." he told the Yorkshire Post.

"It's been tricky, obviously, as you always look at the points that have been deducted and think where we would have been if we hadn't started off with that. If you look at it that way we've had a good season, but with it being a relegation battle from the very start it's hard to look back and think what could have been as we didn't get the chance to start off.

"We had a good season last season, we were unfortunate to finish outside the play-offs but again we started with minus points and I think this season is going to be much the same."

"Next season is going to be a fresh start for us, we have got a ground that we can play at now and everyone is getting used to that. It's going to be a big push next season and I think everyone is looking for at least play-offs from us."

The 32 year old then looked at his own season to date; "It's been a stop-start season for me really, One side of it has been a bit unlucky, through picking up an injury and stuff, but the other side was a bit of stupidity by me getting banned when I had got back in the team." he said.

"I've been fortunate that I've been on the bench the last few games, so I am getting a few minutes every week here and there, and I'm just waiting for my chance to get back in and prove that I am good enough to get back in the first team."

"At the minute my contract is up at the end of the season, but I just have to wait and see what happens with that. Speaking to the manager and stuff I think he wants me to stay and I would like to stay for as long as I can really - as long as my legs will let me."

"I think everyone who is involved with the club is looking at next season as being a good season for us. We've had a lot of negativity around the club in the last few years, but this season we've performed well and we've had a couple of good cup runs - which are big positives for this season - but your food and drink is your league form and your league games."

"It would mean a lot to the manager and I think the players who have been here the last couple of years to get out of this league and just say 'look what we could have done if you'd have just given us the chance'.

"It's going to be a big push next season and I would like to be involved. It's a good set up here, good training facilities and the ground that we play at now we are used to. I think the fans are getting a bit more used to it as well."

The defender would even put off his international career with Antigua for a new deal with the Millers.

Despite being born in the Midlands, Joseph has played a couple of games for Antigua after being eligable through his parents.

"I'm still in contact with them and since the World Cup qualifiers in the summer they've had like a regional tournament which is Jamaica and Trinidad and teams of that nature, Fortunately I was in the first team at the time and I don't want to go out there and jeopardise my place in the first team with Rotherham."

"I've had the cricket on this week and it looks quite appetising to go back out there and sit in that sun for a little, but Rotherham is my number one priority. If anything else comes from Antigua then it would be brilliant, but I am concentrating on what is happening here."

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