I have the dressing room!! Ronnie.

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After the deafeat at Darlington last Saturday, Moore faced a backlash from some Rotherham fans which had never been seen before, people were starting to doubt wether Moore was the man for the job.

In todays Advertiser he looks back and gives his thoughts; "I have never lost a dressing room in my life and it is ridiculous to suggest I've done so here. I have not had an argument with one single player."

"The thing with me is, I'm not dictatorial. It's a two-way thing and I allow the players to have their say. If they think they're training too hard or they've a gripe about something, I'm open minded and I'll take it on board. Let's face it, if I get Christmas and birthday cards off the players then I'm doing something wrong."

"I expect the players to come in and put a shift in and they know where they stand. There is nothing wrong with the dressing room and you saw the togetherness in abundance on Tuesday night."

"You'll always get a proportion at any club who want the manager out, and that goes for Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. I can live with it as long as the criticism is constructive."

"As for 'Ronnie out,' Ronnie will only be out if the players don't do what they're supposed to do at the right times. From 20 odd people calling for my head out of 500 at Darlington, we had 2,500 on Tuesday all behind the team and willing us to win. That's how I want it to continue. I want the supporters to get behind us." he added.

"As far as I'm concerned, our season started on Tuesday, We've set the standard and if we show the same commitment and tempo, we will win more than we lose."

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