I have a formula that works - Scott

Last updated : 24 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

“I’ve been involved in teams where it works and I’ve managed teams where it works. So it works. You need individuals to fit into that formula to make it work and the formula does not change.” he said.

“Martin O’Neill has the same formula; he has played the same way wherever he has managed. Alex McLeish is the same. We are where we are and we all know that’s not good enough, we are better than that,”

“I didn’t come here to pull the wool over people’s eyes, I came here to win this division. I came here to be bold. I came here to get promoted and I’m still here to try and get the team into League One."

“I shall keep working hard and if you don’t do what you believe in and try to change things then you’re probably admitting that you’re doing something wrong in the first place,” he added.

Source - The Star