I didn't think it was our day.- Warne

Last updated : 04 April 2022 By Millersmad

The gaffer was ready to shake the hand of Sutton manager Matt Gary as the second ticked away before Jordi Osei-Tutu equalised in the 96th minute.

“I considered with about two minutes to go to shake Matt’s hand and say well done, because I think if you beat our team I think you’ve performed really well."

"I just didn’t think it would be our day to get that equalising goal. First half we looked rusty and nervy and I said at half-time we have to relax a bit.

“When it went into extra time it felt like we had healthier players on the pitch, and I’m not being disrespectful to the opposition.”

“You play at Wembley and your mouth is really dry, you want the best game of your career and it mounts up in your head, They’re humans, not robots. Pressure does affect players and I do think it affected our players in the first half, or it could be Sutton were excellent.”

“I’d be devastated if we come back this season. It would be amazing if we do manage to get automatic, We might have to win five or six games. It’s serious and hopefully the lads can take it from here."

“It’s nice to win a trophy but I wanted to win a trophy more for the fact anyone who doubts this team in our own fan base, it doesn’t give it more petrol on the fire. I want the positivity of wining the trophy for the last seven games. If it went the other way it could have had a detrimental effect.”

“I said to them, in 10 years’ time if you put a bat signal up in the sky I will drive anywhere if you need my help, You’ll always be part of the team that won at Wembley. I wish it was after the season and we can enjoy it but it’s a brilliant thing for them and if they don’t achieve promotion then they’ve achieved something.”