I can't fault the lads - Warne

Last updated : 31 December 2020 By Millersmad

With the club being hit by C-19, most of the players had'nt trained and some had only come out of self-isolation the day before the game, but wiith the EFL threatening penalties, The Millers had to play his game.

"In a fairer world this match wouldn't have taken place, I'm all about training and preparation and we've been denied that. I feel sorry for the lads. That wasn't them at their best tonight but they still nearly took a point from one of the top, in-form sides in the league." Warney said.

"We've been really transparent. I know other teams have called off numerous games. It was made very clear to me what the potential risk was and it wasn't a risk we could take."

"I feel upset and a bit angry. Rules  are there and we have respected them. I feel a little bit hard done by."

"I'm pleased with the second half but it doesn't feel like a good night because I've seen how the other results have gone, Barnsley are running over teams and have been scoring late goals."

"Tonight, even though we've trained two days in 11 and aren't as sharp as I would like, we were causing danger towards the end.

"Some of my players turned up tonight to play when others possibly wouldn't have. They put their bodies on the line when some of them were obviously jaded. The lads could have crumbled but they didn't."