Hudson - We owe the fans

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He explained: "This is the most difficult period of my career. I've never been through anything like this before, although a few others in the dressing room have a couple of years ago. It's a shame really because at times you ask yourself, is this a good football club, when you know it's a good, friendly place.

"The fans are fantastic. We owe them something. The away support in particular has been brilliant. They've travelled all over following us and we want to finish strong for them."

"Personal and professional pride is also important to me. When you cross that white line, you're representing yourself as well as the club and you've got to give it your best.

Mark then went on to mention the current money problems at the club and the wage deferrals; "Obviously, if you're not paid at the end of the month then it's a worry because you've got bills to pay, but the problems have to go out of the window when you go out to perform. You have to do the business on the pitch and hope everything else will look after itself."

"I know we've had ten points knocked off. Everyone is gutted about that but we must put it behind us. We don't want the season to fizzle out and finish in mid-table mediocrity."

Hudson finished with a review of Easter Mondays 4-1 defeat at Rochdale; "We were quite comfortable at 1-1. We needed to be strong but we just caved in, We just can't seem to defend for 90 minutes. We're conceding far too many goals and we're getting thumped in games."

"We've said we are going to give 100 per cent but performances like Monday's don't help our cause. We are professionals, although I accept sometimes our performances don't suggest that. "We were flying at the beginning of the season but something has gone wrong somewhere and we need to put it right."

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