Honest Scott doesn't regret promotion talk

Last updated : 27 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

Reflecting on his comments made back in the summer, Scott said to todays Advertiser: "You put yourself out there. I'm not going to come here to try and pull the wool over people's eyes. I came here to win the league and get promoted and I'm still here to try and get this team into League One.

"If it's not happening now then it doesn't mean I'm going to hide away and escape people; I'm going to face people up and say we're not doing it right. We know we have to work to get it right and I'll keep doing that.

"We all know where we are now is not good enough and that we're better."

Scott also argues about his preparation and doing his homework on other teams and added: "The players want to know how the other team play and how to beat them, but they need to carry out the plan when they get out there."