Head2Head & Team News - Rochdale (A)

Last updated : 23 March 2008 By Deano
The Millers travel to Spotland tomorrow on the back of a point earned from yesterday's visit of Bradford, and this is a MUST win game to keep any fading play off dreams with the home side sitting pretty with three games in hand on the leading pack.

Dale suffered a suprise defeat at Notts County yesterday and there is hope that the Millers can take advantage of the Lancashire sides poor home record, which has seen them win only five times infront of their own supporters this season.

Mark Robins will pick from an unchanged squad but may well tinker with his starting eleven which is the norm with the busy Easter programme.

Rochdale have a crisis in the goalkeeping department so Tommy Lee has to step in to make his debut. Elsewhere striker Chris Dagnall and winger Kallum Higginbotham, who gave the Millers a torrid time earlier in the season, are both set to miss the game with knee problems.

Admission prices: (pay on the gate)
Adults £18
All concessions £10

Match officials:
Referee: A. Woolmer (Northamptonshire)
Assistants: T. Harrington and K. W Haycock
Fourth official: J. Waring

At Rochdale (31)At Rotherham U. (32)
Rochdale1341.94Rotherham U.2165.63
Rotherham U.1135.48Rochdale515.63
Rochdale451.45Rotherham U.902.81
Rotherham U.411.32Rochdale371.16
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (63 matches)
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.3250.79
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.1312.08
Highest Aggregate8Rochdale 5 - 3Rotherham U.1995/1996
Highest Rochdale score:6Rochdale 6 - 1Rotherham U.1930/1931
Highest Rotherham U. score:7Rotherham U. 7 - 1Rochdale1938/1939
2007/2008Sat 08 DecRotherham U.2 - 4RochdaleLeague Two
1999/2000Sat 26 FebRochdale0 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Three
Sat 18 SepRotherham U.0 - 1RochdaleLeague Division Three
1998/1999Sat 10 AprRochdale0 - 0Rotherham U.League Division Three
Tue 15 DecRotherham U.4 - 0RochdaleF.A. Cup
Sat 05 DecRochdale0 - 0Rotherham U.F.A. Cup
Tue 20 OctRotherham U.2 - 2RochdaleLeague Division Three
1997/1998Sat 25 AprRotherham U.2 - 2RochdaleLeague Division Three
Sat 25 OctRochdale0 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Three
1995/1996Sat 11 NovRochdale5 - 3Rotherham U.F.A. Cup
1991/1992Sat 11 AprRotherham U.2 - 0RochdaleFourth Division
Tue 17 SepRochdale1 - 1Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1988/1989Sat 14 JanRotherham U.3 - 1RochdaleFourth Division
Sat 03 SepRochdale0 - 2Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1974/1975Sat 19 AprRotherham U.3 - 1RochdaleFourth Division
Sat 12 OctRochdale1 - 2Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1972/1973Sat 07 AprRochdale0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 02 DecRotherham U.0 - 0RochdaleThird Division
1971/1972Sat 22 AprRotherham U.5 - 1RochdaleThird Division
Sat 04 DecRochdale2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
1970/1971Sat 24 AprRochdale4 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 19 SepRotherham U.5 - 1RochdaleThird Division
1969/1970Tue 14 AprRotherham U.3 - 1RochdaleThird Division
Mon 15 SepRochdale4 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division
1964/1965Wed 23 SepRotherham U.2 - 0RochdaleLeague Cup
1950/1951Sat 07 AprRotherham U.3 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 18 NovRochdale0 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1949/1950Sat 01 AprRochdale1 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 12 NovRotherham U.4 - 3RochdaleThird Division (North)
1948/1949Sat 12 MarRochdale2 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 16 OctRotherham U.3 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
1947/1948Sat 03 AprRochdale1 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 15 NovRotherham U.4 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
1946/1947Sat 07 JunRotherham U.3 - 3RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 19 AprRochdale1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1938/1939Sat 24 DecRochdale0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 27 AugRotherham U.7 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
1937/1938Sat 12 FebRotherham U.1 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 02 OctRochdale2 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1936/1937Sat 24 AprRochdale1 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 19 DecRotherham U.1 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
1935/1936Sat 07 MarRotherham U.6 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 02 NovRochdale1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1934/1935Sat 02 FebRochdale1 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 22 SepRotherham U.4 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
1933/1934Sat 10 MarRotherham U.4 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 28 OctRochdale0 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1932/1933Sat 18 FebRochdale2 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 08 OctRotherham U.2 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
1931/1932Sat 07 MayRochdale1 - 4Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 31 AugRotherham U.5 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
1930/1931Sat 14 FebRotherham U.1 - 3RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 11 OctRochdale6 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1929/1930Sat 25 JanRotherham U.0 - 4RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 21 SepRochdale1 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1928/1929Sat 04 MayRotherham U.5 - 0RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 22 DecRochdale2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1927/1928Tue 28 FebRochdale2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 17 SepRotherham U.3 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
1926/1927Sat 11 DecRotherham U.1 - 1RochdaleThird Division (North)
Sat 20 NovRochdale2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1925/1926Mon 02 NovRotherham U.0 - 4RochdaleThird Division (North)
Tue 08 SepRochdale2 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
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