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Last updated : 22 February 2008 By Deano
Well, with all the off field problems and speculation this week our attentions turn to on field matters and we look to get our first win in five games against visitors Lincoln.

City arrive at Millmoor in contrast to the Millers, having won their last five matches and rising to mid table respectability after spending the early season in the relegation mire. The news of manager Peter Jackson's throat cancer may have spurred them on, and with Jackson still in charge tomorrow before he heads off on gardening leave for treatment in the near future, they will fancy their chances of inflicting further misery on Mark Robins' side.

Jackson must do without star man Lee Frecklington again though, as a recurrance of his ankle trouble against Accrington continues to keep the midfielder sidelined. Elsewhere striker Lous Dodds returns from suspension and will either partner Jamie Forrester or start from the bench.

The Millers welcome back Ian sharps from illness after he missed last weeks defeat at Wycombe. Loanee Joe Widdowson is available for his debut at left back, whilst Robins only other selection posers are which formation to opt for and to choose the best personnel for key positions.

It may be likely that Ian Ross is recalled to the starting eleven for the first time since early January, whilst Peter Holmes could figure against his former club. His namesake Derek will be hoping to get back to scoring form after his hat-trick in the 3-1 win in the reverse fixture at Sincil Bank just over a month ago.

Here's all the stats for you.

League Two
Rotherham United v Lincoln City
23 February 2008, Millmoor, 3pm
At Rotherham U. (43)At Lincoln City (42)
Rotherham U.2558.14Lincoln City1638.10
Lincoln City818.60Rotherham U.1535.71
Rotherham U.831.93Lincoln City701.67
Lincoln City451.05Rotherham U.521.24
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (85 matches)
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.4047.06
Lincoln City00.00Lincoln City2428.24
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.1351.59
Lincoln City00.00Lincoln City1151.35
Highest Aggregate7Lincoln City 4 - 3Rotherham U.1953/1954
Highest Rotherham U. score:5Rotherham U. 5 - 0Lincoln City1934/1935
Highest Lincoln City score:5Lincoln City 5 - 0Rotherham U.1937/1938
2007/2008Sat 12 JanLincoln City1 - 3Rotherham U.League Two
1999/2000Sat 04 DecRotherham U.1 - 1Lincoln CityLeague Division Three
Sat 07 AugLincoln City2 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Three
1997/1998Fri 26 DecLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Three
Wed 10 SepRotherham U.3 - 1Lincoln CityLeague Division Three
1995/1996Tue 09 JanRotherham U.3 - 1Lincoln City(Associate Members)
1992/1993Tue 01 DecLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.(Associate Members)
1991/1992Sat 21 DecRotherham U.1 - 1Lincoln CityFourth Division
Sat 24 AugLincoln City0 - 2Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1988/1989Sat 11 MarLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.Fourth Division
Sat 05 NovRotherham U.2 - 0Lincoln CityFourth Division
1985/1986Sun 22 DecLincoln City0 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 24 AugRotherham U.1 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division
1984/1985Wed 13 MarLincoln City3 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 01 SepRotherham U.0 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division
1983/1984Sat 05 MayLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
Mon 02 JanRotherham U.1 - 1Lincoln CityThird Division
1978/1979Wed 04 AprLincoln City3 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 09 SepRotherham U.2 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division
1977/1978Fri 24 MarLincoln City3 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 29 OctRotherham U.0 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division
1976/1977Tue 08 MarRotherham U.1 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division
Fri 29 OctLincoln City2 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division
1974/1975Sat 22 MarLincoln City2 - 0Rotherham U.Fourth Division
Sat 07 SepRotherham U.2 - 2Lincoln CityFourth Division
Tue 03 SepRotherham U.2 - 1Lincoln CityLeague Cup
Wed 28 AugLincoln City1 - 1Rotherham U.League Cup
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
Tue 20 AugRotherham U.1 - 1Lincoln CityLeague Cup
1973/1974Tue 02 AprRotherham U.2 - 0Lincoln CityFourth Division
Sun 27 JanLincoln City2 - 1Rotherham U.Fourth Division
Tue 28 AugRotherham U.2 - 1Lincoln CityLeague Cup
1964/1965Sat 09 JanRotherham U.5 - 1Lincoln CityF.A. Cup
1960/1961Mon 29 AugRotherham U.2 - 0Lincoln CitySecond Division
Wed 24 AugLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division
1959/1960Sat 16 AprRotherham U.1 - 0Lincoln CitySecond Division
Sat 12 DecLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division
1958/1959Sat 18 AprRotherham U.1 - 0Lincoln CitySecond Division
Sat 29 NovLincoln City1 - 0Rotherham U.Second Division
1957/1958Sat 19 AprLincoln City2 - 0Rotherham U.Second Division
Sat 07 DecRotherham U.1 - 2Lincoln CitySecond Division
1956/1957Mon 22 AprRotherham U.3 - 0Lincoln CitySecond Division
Fri 19 AprLincoln City3 - 3Rotherham U.Second Division
1955/1956Sat 24 MarRotherham U.2 - 2Lincoln CitySecond Division
Sat 12 NovLincoln City1 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division
1954/1955Mon 27 DecLincoln City2 - 3Rotherham U.Second Division
Sat 25 DecRotherham U.3 - 0Lincoln CitySecond Division
1953/1954Sat 17 AprRotherham U.4 - 1Lincoln CitySecond Division
Sat 14 NovLincoln City4 - 3Rotherham U.Second Division
1952/1953Sat 28 FebRotherham U.3 - 2Lincoln CitySecond Division
Sat 11 OctLincoln City1 - 3Rotherham U.Second Division
1950/1951Mon 30 AprRotherham U.3 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 28 AprLincoln City0 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1949/1950Sat 04 FebLincoln City0 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 24 SepRotherham U.1 - 3Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1947/1948Sat 24 AprRotherham U.0 - 2Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 06 DecLincoln City3 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1946/1947Sat 10 MayRotherham U.3 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 12 OctLincoln City4 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1945/1946Sat 15 DecLincoln City1 - 1Rotherham U.F.A. Cup
Rotherham United won 3-2 on aggregate
Sat 08 DecRotherham U.2 - 1Lincoln CityF.A. Cup
1938/1939Sat 08 AprLincoln City0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 03 DecRotherham U.1 - 3Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1937/1938Sat 12 MarRotherham U.4 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 30 OctLincoln City5 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1936/1937Mon 28 DecRotherham U.3 - 1Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Fri 25 DecLincoln City3 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1935/1936Sat 14 MarLincoln City4 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 26 OctRotherham U.1 - 1Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1934/1935Wed 09 JanRotherham U.5 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 29 SepLincoln City4 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1931/1932Sat 05 MarLincoln City3 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 24 OctRotherham U.0 - 1Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1930/1931Sat 18 AprLincoln City1 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 15 DecRotherham U.2 - 2Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1929/1930Mon 09 SepLincoln City1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 02 SepRotherham U.1 - 0Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1928/1929Mon 03 SepLincoln City1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 27 AugRotherham U.3 - 2Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
1927/1928Sat 24 MarRotherham U.2 - 4Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 12 NovLincoln City4 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1926/1927Sat 07 MayRotherham U.2 - 4Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
Sat 18 DecLincoln City1 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 27 NovLincoln City2 - 0Rotherham U.F.A. Cup
1925/1926Sat 24 AprLincoln City0 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 19 AprRotherham U.1 - 3Lincoln CityThird Division (North)
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