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Last updated : 11 March 2008 By Deano
Well its another crucial game for the Millers tonight, as old boss Alan Knill lines up on the touchline against his former club for the first time.

He recorded victory is his first match in charge against Bradford City, and since then has had a positive reaction from his players as they look to climb away from relegation danger.

Knill secured the services of Adam Rooney on loan after coaching him during his reign at Chesterfield, and the striker returns tonight from a knee problem to cause a headache for the Rotherham back four.

Elsewhere Dave Challinor, famous for once having the longest recorded throw in the English football, returns to the defence after overcoming a similar injury to Rooney.

Knill says he isn't out to prove a point however as the Millers arrive at Gigg Lane for the first tiem in seven years.

His counterpart Mark Robins has no fresh injury concerns and again picks from the same squad that secured a 1-1 draw at Shrewsbury at the weekend. Derek Holmes may be dropped after an ineffective performance, but it depends on which formation the manager goes with.

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Here's the head to head between the two teams

League Two
Bury v Rotherham United
11 March 2008 at 19:45
At Bury (30)At Rotherham U. (32)
 ResultsTotal% ResultsTotal%
 Bury1756.67 Rotherham U.1959.38
 Rotherham U.620.00 Bury928.13
 Draws723.33 Draws412.50
 GoalsTotalAv.pg GoalsTotalAv.pg
 Bury632.10 Rotherham U.652.03
 Rotherham U.411.37 Bury491.53
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (62 matches)
 ResultsTotal% ResultsTotal%
 Bury00.00 Bury2641.94
 Rotherham U.00.00 Rotherham U.2540.32
 Draws00.00 Draws1117.74
 GoalsTotalAv.pg GoalsTotalAv.pg
 Bury00.00 Bury1121.81
 Rotherham U.00.00 Rotherham U.1061.71
 Highest Aggregate9Bury 5 - 4 Rotherham U.1949/1950 
 Highest Bury score:6Bury 6 - 1 Rotherham U.1965/1966 
 Highest Rotherham U. score:6Rotherham U. 6 - 2 Bury1963/1964 
 2007/2008Tue 06 NovRotherham U.2 - 1BuryLeague Two  
 2000/2001Mon 01 JanBury0 - 0Rotherham U.League Division Two  
 Sat 26 AugRotherham U.1 - 2BuryLeague Division Two  
 1996/1997Sat 28 DecRotherham U.1 - 1BuryLeague Division Two  
 Sat 07 SepBury3 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Two  
 1990/1991Tue 05 MarRotherham U.0 - 3BuryThird Division  
 Sat 08 SepBury3 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 1989/1990Sat 10 MarRotherham U.1 - 3BuryThird Division  
 Tue 21 NovBury1 - 2Rotherham U.F.A. Cup  
 Sat 18 NovRotherham U.0 - 0BuryF.A. Cup  
 Tue 26 SepBury1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 1987/1988Sat 09 JanBury2 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Sat 22 AugRotherham U.0 - 1BuryThird Division  
 1986/1987Sat 31 JanRotherham U.2 - 1BuryThird Division  
 Sat 13 SepBury0 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division  
 1985/1986Sat 19 AprBury2 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Sat 23 NovRotherham U.2 - 0BuryThird Division  
 1979/1980Sat 05 AprBury1 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Wed 26 DecRotherham U.0 - 2BuryThird Division  
 1978/1979Sat 14 AprRotherham U.2 - 1BuryThird Division  
 Tue 26 DecBury3 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division  
 1977/1978Mon 02 JanRotherham U.0 - 3BuryThird Division  
 Sat 05 NovBury1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 1976/1977Sat 15 JanBury1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Tue 24 AugRotherham U.3 - 0BuryThird Division  
 1975/1976Sat 10 AprBury4 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Sat 06 SepRotherham U.3 - 3BuryThird Division  
 1973/1974Sat 22 DecBury3 - 1Rotherham U.Fourth Division  
 Sat 29 SepRotherham U.1 - 0BuryFourth Division  
 1971/1972Mon 24 JanRotherham U.2 - 1BuryF.A. Cup  
 Sat 15 JanBury1 - 1Rotherham U.F.A. Cup  
 1970/1971Tue 27 AprBury0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Tue 01 SepRotherham U.3 - 2BuryThird Division  
 1969/1970Sat 14 FebBury2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division  
 Sat 09 AugRotherham U.4 - 3BuryThird Division  
 1966/1967Sat 13 MayRotherham U.3 - 0BurySecond Division  
 Tue 06 SepBury5 - 2Rotherham U.Second Division  
 1965/1966Fri 25 MarRotherham U.2 - 1BurySecond Division  
 Sat 02 OctBury6 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division  
 1964/1965Tue 27 AprBury0 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Sat 12 SepRotherham U.3 - 0BurySecond Division  
 1963/1964Sat 14 DecRotherham U.6 - 2BurySecond Division  
 Sat 24 AugBury4 - 2Rotherham U.Second Division  
 1962/1963Tue 19 MarBury0 - 5Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Sat 15 SepRotherham U.1 - 5BurySecond Division  
 1961/1962Sat 17 FebRotherham U.2 - 0BurySecond Division  
 Sat 30 SepBury2 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division  
 1956/1957Sat 02 MarRotherham U.1 - 1BurySecond Division  
 Sat 20 OctBury1 - 4Rotherham U.Second Division  
 1955/1956Tue 27 DecBury2 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Mon 26 DecRotherham U.1 - 3BurySecond Division  
 1954/1955Mon 20 SepBury2 - 2Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Mon 06 SepRotherham U.4 - 2BurySecond Division  
 1953/1954Sat 27 FebBury3 - 0Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Sat 10 OctRotherham U.1 - 0BurySecond Division  
 1952/1953Sat 27 DecBury2 - 0Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Fri 26 DecRotherham U.6 - 1BurySecond Division  
 1951/1952Sat 19 AprBury3 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division  
 Sat 12 JanRotherham U.2 - 1BuryF.A. Cup  
 Sat 01 DecRotherham U.4 - 3BurySecond Division  
 1949/1950Sat 07 JanBury5 - 4Rotherham U.F.A. Cup  
 1925/1926Sat 09 JanRotherham U.2 - 3BuryF.A. Cup 
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