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Last updated : 04 April 2008 By Deano
So after today's board press release will the fans unite and can we break the 4,000 barrier that the administrator is looking for in each home game to keep the club trading to end of the season?

Me thinks not, one things for sure Millers fans aren't turning up to see a spectacular game of football at Millmoor tomorrow. With Brentford in mid table and little to play for but pride (yes, we could do with a bit of that back too) it's likely boss Andy Scott may ring the changes and blood a few youngsters as he looks ahead to next season.

He does have an unchanged sqaud available though from last weeks 2-0 defeat to Rochdale, with Matt Heywood set to continue in attack.

Mark Robins admits he's had a better week to prepare for this fixture after seeing his side conceed nine goals in two Easter away fixtures.

He also chooses from an unchanged squad, with Chris O'Grady unlikely to feature as the wage deferral saga continues. The striker looks set to leave Millmoor as soon as possible and is unlikely to play first team football here again.

Here's the head to head, chins up!

League Two
Rotherham United v Brentford
05 April 2008, Millmoor 3pm
At Rotherham U. (26)At Brentford (25)
Rotherham U.1453.85Brentford1040.00
Brentford623.08Rotherham U.728.00
Rotherham U.481.85Brentford371.48
Brentford301.15Rotherham U.311.24
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (51 matches)
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.2141.18
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.791.55
Highest Aggregate7Brentford 3 - 4Rotherham U.1974/1975
Highest Rotherham U. score:4Rotherham U. 4 - 0Brentford1983/1984
Highest Brentford score:4Rotherham U. 2 - 4Brentford1998/1999
2007/2008Fri 12 OctBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.League Two
2006/2007Sat 17 MarBrentford0 - 1Rotherham U.League One
Sat 14 OctRotherham U.2 - 0BrentfordLeague One
2005/2006Sat 15 AprRotherham U.2 - 2BrentfordLeague One
Sat 01 OctBrentford2 - 1Rotherham U.League One
2000/2001Sat 28 AprRotherham U.2 - 1BrentfordLeague Division Two
Sat 11 NovBrentford0 - 3Rotherham U.League Division Two
1998/1999Sat 20 FebRotherham U.2 - 4BrentfordLeague Division Three
Sat 12 SepBrentford0 - 3Rotherham U.League Division Three
1996/1997Fri 11 AprRotherham U.0 - 1BrentfordLeague Division Two
Sat 05 OctBrentford4 - 2Rotherham U.League Division Two
1995/1996Tue 27 FebBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.League Division Two
Sat 09 SepRotherham U.1 - 0BrentfordLeague Division Two
1994/1995Sat 18 MarRotherham U.0 - 2BrentfordLeague Division Two
Tue 30 AugBrentford2 - 0Rotherham U.League Division Two
1993/1994Sat 26 FebBrentford2 - 2Rotherham U.League Division Two
Sat 04 SepRotherham U.2 - 0BrentfordLeague Division Two
1990/1991Sat 02 FebBrentford1 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division
Tue 18 SepRotherham U.2 - 2BrentfordThird Division
1989/1990Sat 03 MarRotherham U.2 - 1BrentfordThird Division
Sat 06 JanBrentford4 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division
1987/1988Wed 17 FebRotherham U.2 - 0BrentfordThird Division
Sat 05 SepBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
1986/1987Sat 02 MayBrentford2 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division
Sun 30 NovRotherham U.2 - 3BrentfordThird Division
1985/1986Sat 01 MarRotherham U.1 - 2BrentfordThird Division
Sat 28 SepBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
1984/1985Tue 23 AprBrentford3 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division
Tue 18 SepRotherham U.1 - 1BrentfordThird Division
1983/1984Sat 07 AprRotherham U.4 - 0BrentfordThird Division
Tue 20 MarBrentford2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
1980/1981Sat 25 AprBrentford2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 20 DecRotherham U.4 - 1BrentfordThird Division
1979/1980Sat 29 MarBrentford0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
Sat 17 NovRotherham U.4 - 2BrentfordThird Division
1978/1979Mon 23 AprBrentford1 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division
Tue 17 OctRotherham U.1 - 0BrentfordThird Division
1974/1975Tue 04 FebRotherham U.3 - 0BrentfordFourth Division
Mon 16 SepBrentford3 - 4Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1973/1974Sat 16 MarRotherham U.1 - 1BrentfordFourth Division
Sat 20 OctBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.Fourth Division
1972/1973Tue 06 MarRotherham U.2 - 1BrentfordThird Division
Sat 13 JanBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division
Tue 05 SepRotherham U.2 - 0BrentfordLeague Cup
1953/1954Sat 03 AprRotherham U.1 - 1BrentfordSecond Division
Sat 28 NovBrentford0 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division
1952/1953Sat 04 AprBrentford1 - 1Rotherham U.Second Division
Sat 15 NovRotherham U.4 - 1BrentfordSecond Division
1951/1952Sat 22 DecRotherham U.1 - 1BrentfordSecond Division
Sat 25 AugBrentford2 - 0Rotherham U.Second Division
1947/1948Sat 10 JanRotherham U.0 - 3BrentfordF.A. Cup
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