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Accrington, WHO ARE THEY??? Well theyre tomorrows visitors to Millmoor in their first league visit for getting up for 60 years.. However they know Millmoor as they pushed us to a 2-2 draw in the AutoWindsreens JPT thing a couple of years ago..

Mark Robins will be running a fitness test on Derek Holmes who missed Tuesdays defeat at Bradford after suffering an ankle injury and Ian Sharps is set to return to the team after illness. Other than that, there is a clean bill of health apart from the long term injured.

After suffering 5 defeats in the last 7 games, the Millers desperately need to get back on winning ways and will be wanting to impress at home.

Speaking to RotherFM.co.uk boss Mark Robins said; "I think that they are a side that are workmanlike, they have some good players within the ranks and again you expect a tough game."

"I think if we play anything like tuesday night, barring the mistakes, I think that we would go on and win more games than we do, from now to the end of the season. so we will be foucusing on ourselves and makin sure that we the same standards that we reach the other night in terms of attacking play, and we better ourselves when teams are attacking us."
"We have got to get back to winning ways, we have got to start picking points and getting back to the mean defence that we had for most of the season." he added.

On loan Andy Todd won't be allowed to face his monther club, "No he wont play, hes not allowed to play, so he doesnt come in to the equasion, but he is there till the end of the season, but we will expect a tough game regardless of who they put out." Robins said

"The last month has been poor for us in terms of picking up points but we played better on Tuesday and there were some good signs from the strikers." he told the Star

Accy boss John Coleman has 21 year old striker Andy Mangan back at the club on loan after he left Stanley to join Bury in the summer,

Coleman had been hoping to sign defender Paulo Monteiro from Charlton, but internation clearance has not been given as yet so Coleman will look elsewhere.

At Rotherham U. (21)At Accrington S. (21)
Rotherham U.1257.14Accrington S.942.86
Accrington S.419.05Rotherham U.942.86
Rotherham U.542.57Accrington S.442.10
Accrington S.291.38Rotherham U.341.62
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (42 matches)
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.2150.00
Accrington S.00.00Accrington S.1330.95
Rotherham U.00.00Rotherham U.882.10
Accrington S.00.00Accrington S.731.74
Highest Aggregate9Rotherham U. 8 - 1Accrington S.1930/1931
Highest Rotherham U. score:8Rotherham U. 8 - 1Accrington S.1930/1931
Highest Accrington S. score:5Accrington S. 5 - 1Rotherham U.1932/1933
2007/2008Sat 17 NovAccrington S.0 - 1Rotherham U.League Two
2005/2006Tue 18 OctRotherham U.3 - 3Accrington S.(Associate Members)
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Rotherham United won 3-2 on penalties
1950/1951Sat 10 FebRotherham U.6 - 2Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Mon 01 JanAccrington S.0 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1949/1950Sat 24 DecRotherham U.6 - 0Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Sat 27 AugAccrington S.1 - 4Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1948/1949Mon 30 AugRotherham U.1 - 0Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Wed 25 AugAccrington S.2 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1947/1948Sat 01 MayAccrington S.0 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 22 SepRotherham U.1 - 0Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1946/1947Sat 22 MarAccrington S.2 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 16 NovRotherham U.4 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1938/1939Sat 22 AprAccrington S.2 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 17 DecRotherham U.2 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1937/1938Mon 18 AprRotherham U.1 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Fri 15 AprAccrington S.0 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1936/1937Sat 01 MayRotherham U.2 - 2Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Fri 01 JanAccrington S.3 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1935/1936Wed 22 AprAccrington S.1 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 21 DecRotherham U.1 - 3Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1934/1935Sat 06 AprRotherham U.2 - 0Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Sat 12 JanAccrington S.2 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1933/1934Sat 24 MarRotherham U.3 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Sat 11 NovAccrington S.2 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1932/1933Mon 05 SepRotherham U.2 - 3Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Mon 29 AugAccrington S.5 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1931/1932Sat 13 FebRotherham U.2 - 3Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Wed 02 DecAccrington S.5 - 0Rotherham U.F.A. Cup
Sat 28 NovRotherham U.0 - 0Accrington S.F.A. Cup
Sat 03 OctAccrington S.5 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1930/1931Sat 07 FebAccrington S.3 - 2Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 04 OctRotherham U.8 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1929/1930Sat 08 FebRotherham U.2 - 4Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Sat 05 OctAccrington S.2 - 0Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1928/1929Sat 05 JanAccrington S.1 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 01 SepRotherham U.2 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1927/1928Sat 10 MarRotherham U.2 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
Sat 29 OctAccrington S.3 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
1926/1927Sat 30 AprAccrington S.3 - 1Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Mon 24 JanRotherham U.1 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)
1925/1926Sat 06 FebAccrington S.2 - 3Rotherham U.Third Division (North)
Sat 26 SepRotherham U.3 - 1Accrington S.Third Division (North)

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