Hard to get the balance right - Davison

Last updated : 05 January 2010 By Deano

Ahead of this weekends game with Bournemouth, staff continue to try and cope with heavy snow and freezing overnight conditions.

And Davison spoke to themillers.co.uk about the latest situation.

He explained: "It is difficult to get the balance right because we can only cover the pitch for a few days.

"If we kept the covers on for longer then we would be doing long term damage to the playing surface. To have the pitch in a playable condition we need a +3 degrees temperature but at the moment the temperatures are in minus figures during the day.

"The snowfall we have had today could actually help us because it can insulate the pitch so we are staying optimistic," he added. "I have had positive meetings with the Chairman and we have discussed the possibilities of what we can do.

"I am out gathering as much information as possible in a bid to do everything we can to give the pitch the best possible chance of being in playable condition."

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