Goalline technology is inevitable - Robins

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After another howler of a decision when a 'goal' was disallowed when all but the officials saw it had crossed the line, Mark Robins talks to the Tiser of goal line technology being introduced:

"How many people does it take to get things right? We have four officials now and people sat in the stand monitoring what goes on and there's still some bad decisions being made." he said.

The Millers boss could undersand Palace Manager Niel Warnock's anger, adding: "Watching the match between Bristol City and Crystal Palace last Saturday, anyone could see that Freddie Sears shot the ball into the net. Apart from anything, it came out at a different angle than if it had hit the post. I could fully understand why Neil Warnock was as angry as he was and if that sort of thing had happened to me I would have gone mental.

"The decision cost Palace at least a point and it's mistakes like that that could cost a manager his livelihood. I'm not saying things like that haven't happened before, because they have. We all remember the "ghost goal" between Reading at Watford last season.

"Goalline technology is seen as a radical introduction by some but there is probably more justification for it now in the modern game, where the play can sweep from one end of the pitch to the other in five seconds. Modern technology is used to decide tries in rugby and they have the Magic Eye in tennis to decide whether the ball is in or out.

"I think that at ice hockey they have a buzzer that sounds if the puck hits the back of the goal. I'm not for having light and other paraphernalia on goalposts but if the technological decisionmaking process is quick and it is brought in across the board at our level, I don't have a problem with it."

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