Glad we found a different way to win - Warne

Last updated : 14 December 2021 By Millersmad

“I said to them at half-time good teams find a way to stay in the game, great teams find a way to win, it doesn't matter how you win, you have just got to grind it out. “We've played significantly better in other games and we haven't won. We played better against Crewe but we didn't win. So I'm really proud of the fact they found a different way to win. But we need to learn the lessons of it. So that's the good thing."

“It's always good to teach lessons when you win because the lads are more responsive to what you're saying. I'm not saying anyone particularly played badly, but collectively in the second half we just weren't ourselves.

 "I think if we'd have got a second or third goal in the first half, you know, the game might be different and goals always change games, don't they? I'm really pleased that we've protected our record so to speak, but more the fact that the lads can take pride in the fact that even if you're not playing well, you've just got to dig in and just do the gritty part of the game.”

"A massive benefit for us this year is the quality we have in depth, If we make changes, we don't get weaker. That pushes the 11 on to play really well. It also keeps the subs happy as they know they have a chance of coming on. The environment here is upbeat and positive."

"The majority of my players played in the Championship last year, We do not look down on League One but I think the lads know that they can compete at this level and that, if they are at their best, they can give anyone a game."