Frustration for Stewart

Last updated : 25 July 2008 By Bigrich.....
Speaking to todays Advertiser, Tony Stewart vents his frustration with the FL as holidays to key members of staff mean more delays for the Millers as they await thier punishment for not exiting administration by the CVA.
Even the Football League's John Nagle told the 'Tiser that there was no indication of when a decision would be made, with just 2 weeks to go until the big kick-off.

All this uncertainy is simply getting the fans and chairman Tony Stewart down; "The situation is as clear as mud. Each time the League have asked us for information, we have supplied it promptly" the new chairman said.

"I have sent them a file the size of the Encyclopaedia Britannica bit it is like a drip feed and they keep coming back wanting to know more. It's frustrating because we all want this matter resolved. I would be amazed if we don't know where we stand by early next week." he added.

Boss Mark Robins however insisted that he will only be concerned about what he can control; "We've got this points thing hanging over us but we can only control the controllables, and that's our fitness levels and performances." he told the 'Tiser.

Meanwhile Millers Trust have written to the league asking for leniancy.

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