Forget the division, we're in a better position. - Tony

Last updated : 22 June 2019 By Millersmad

The chairman spoke with Leon Wobchall at the YP, and gave Warne a glowing report; “I have got on with every manager (during my reign), but this one was brought in because he was a greenhorn and it was the start of an adventure and one we felt would get better.

“He has been there and seen all the nine managers that we have had and worked with them and knew their warts and all. He is an intelligent guy and we knew he would pick up from that.  He has put his own trademark on it, along with his own team of people.

“It is comforting as we have someone there who is not a sergeant major, but more of a matriarch and father-figure – as young as he is. He certainly knows how to get the best out of the guys because he treats them with respect and they respect him. It is a nice, healthy atmosphere.”

 “In the last five seasons, we have spent four in the Championship and one in League One. Last season, we were all disappointed and 16 draws was a statement in itself, forget the ifs and buts, But it was entertaining and lovely to beat the likes of Derby when they came up. What I did like about it is that when we dropped to the floor out of the Championship after having three seasons in it, we were always fighting for our breath – in the first, second and third (years)."

“At the end of the day, we were still travelling and motoring on. We are definitely in a better place now – forget about where we are division-wise. We are more organised.”