Football League should help clubs - Ken Bates

Last updated : 29 February 2008 By Bigrich.....
Speaking to the 'Tiser, Leeds supremo Ken Bates has a pop at the Football League, just as his own club goes into arbitration with them after Bates took the FL to court to challenge the 15 point deduction on them after financial problems at Elland Rd

"The Football League should consider setting up a task force to advise clubs in difficulties about the best way of going about it rather than leaving them to their own devices."

"The have a responsibility to help the clubs. It's a fair argument that the clubs got into the mess of their own making, I wouldn't argue with that, but they've got an opportunity to sort out the past once and for all and they should be encouraged to do so." he said.

After sorting out Leeds problems by putting them into administration, Bates added; "Administration for us put the mess of the past behind us. We're now trading profitably and paying our bills on time. I don't know the full facts about Rotherham, but they could be the third club to go into administration this season and I suspect there are others out there."

"My earnest advice to clubs is to go into administration, get it out of the way, and have a fresh start. After that, the important thing is to run your club on a proper business-like basis and pay your taxes." he added.

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