Fellowes pleased with New York pitch

Last updated : 11 January 2013 By Bigrich.....

He said talking to todays Advertiser: “The pitch looks fantastic. I'm really pleased with the way it is playing and obviously I'd like to go through the season without a postponement.

“We had heavy showers before the match against Port Vale on Boxing Day and 20mm of rainfall during the game but afterwards there were no divots, no standing water and the ball was still running true.

“The drainage system here is one of the best in the country and although you might not notice it, there is a 28cm drop from the centre circle to the edge of the pitch to help the water run away.”

Dave adds: “Although the pitch has lost some of its grass cover, you expect that at this time of year. The scars do not repair like they do in spring and summer when there is plenty of growth. In March the grass will start to grow again and by the end of the season it will look like a new pitch.”