Favourites tag doesn't bother me - Raynor

Last updated : 13 July 2012 By Bigrich.....

Steve Evans had earlier this week stated he was surprised at the Millers being labelled the bookies favourites for the title, but assistant Raynor appears to be taking it all in his stride.

He says: “We were favourites at Crawley and it’s the same here, which is why the chairman has put this project into place. We’ve got a very competitive squad and we have to deliver. The proof of the pudding will be when we start playing competitive games but at the moment we’re enjoying the pressure because we have a good squad.

“We actually thrive on that pressure and we hate losing because we’re not used to it. The way the town has responded is great because they have high expectations. There’s a real togetherness about the whole town - it’s great and if we can take that into the games then it all bodes very well.”

The Millers take on Parkgate tomorrow (noon) at Roundwood before flying out to Portugal for a short break, where they will also take on Oldham in a behind closed doors affair. Evans should be back in the hotseat after a rest through illness on doctors advice.

Raynor adds: “We’ve put together a fantastic training camp just outside Faro. We’ve been there three or four times with Crawley and that’s certainly worked for us, so if it’s not broken then don’t change it.

“We know the food is good and the training pitch is absolutely magnificent. It’s perfect for what we need. Steve is itching to get back. It took us a while to persuade him to take some time off, but he was clearly not well. With it being a virus then the sensible thing to do was to get him home and let him recover but I don’t think we’ll get away with going to Portugal without him!."