Evans talks transfers.

Last updated : 05 July 2012 By Bigrich.....

"There's no secret that we want to bring a loan striker in, we know who he is and those convosations will pick up again mid-july. We hope we will be making a fresh offer for a new striker in the next 24 hours."

"We had disappointment last weekend because somebody shock their hands on a deal and then went changed thier minds, which you don't really do. To shake your hands on a deal then come back saying if you match a higher offer I'll still sign for you. Over the course of the season when people read my programme notes they will find out who that player was."

Evans spoke his frustration on the deal; "Well I think I've learnt enough with my football experiance to know that you can never talk about it . I've spoke to you guys that until the paperwork is signed and that was a perfect example."

"We all went to sleep on the Friday believing it was all done and dusted and then on the Saturday morning just after 7 he was going to go elsewhere because he was getting fifty or sixty quid elsewhere. I hope the journeys worth it!". he added.

Despite wanting a couple of strikers, Evans is also on the lookout for a midfielder, "It's no suprise that I'm looking for a ball playing midfielder as well, I'd like some more additional cover at the back, but where 2 of those players are, theyre currently training with Championship clubs to try and see if they can earn themselves a deal, I'm not so sure they will, so I'm keeping tabs on them and contacting them on a 2 day basis, if they fall out there then we'll be ready to sign them."

The topic moved onto Matt Tubbs with rumours amongst fans that he is the player we're bidding for after having a previous bid rejected; "i took the chance on Matt Tubbs and took him to Crawley, Matt Tubbs is a fantastic player and a great goalscorer for the levels that we ply our trade, he's a top class young man."

Asked if theres a chance we could bring him in; "Football's football isnt it, would I see myself working with Matt again? Yes - We'd love to but first and foremost he's an AFC Bournemouth player, I think the truth is that he's in Bournemouths plans, but from a distance I see Paul Groves signing a number of strikers, but he may be in the privilaged postion where he can have six or seven strikers, In the words of better managers than me, you can never have too many good strikers. That's Neil Warnock, he's normally got 8 or 9 of them. But yes we like Matthew but we can get him remains to be seen."