Evans talks transfer targets.

Last updated : 09 June 2012 By Bigrich.....

There's been plenty of speculation on the boards that Man Yoo's Robbie Brady is a target for the Millers, but speaking to MillersPlayer yesterday, the Millers Boss said, "I'd looked at Robbie Brady and would love to have him, he's a good player but he's going to play at a much higher level."

He went on to speak about Gary Roberts who was suprisingly released by Huddersfield last week; "Gary Roberts is a good player but is probably too expensive for us. He's had a season where he's been crippled by injuries but he came back and played a real meaningful part at Huddersfield and it must have been a big decision for Simon Grayson to move him on, I had a chat with Simon about his character which was glowing but I think he's probably a touch too expensive for us."

"We're always interested in good players, we're always intrested in players that can make us better but there's a pay structure here. People may not think that but theres a structure here and the financial people here will tell you that to date we've not spent the same money that was spent last year so theres still some room in the budget but it tells you that Paul Douglas in his negotiations he's had to work really hard to get the deals that we have."

"We'd love to bring a natural left-back in, we've got people in the squad that can do the job but we are a little short on numbers and we're short of a natural left-back. We're speaking to one or two now and that will happen probably some time next week or the week after. We're in talks with two or three and the whole thing has to be right, we have to feel that hunger like we have with the players, the package has to be right and fit in with the numbers. We've got two or three which are probably hair-splits over the characteristics we are looking for but, maybe over the next few days me and Paul Raynor will sit down and make a decision as who we want to make an offer to becuase as yet, we not offered a left-back terms."

"We've had a wide player around the stadium today and, once again he was impressed, he's spoken to me twice and re-affirmed in our minds that he wants to play a part here and thats always good to hear. He's up there with the best wide players we know, There are no secrets about this kid. He's played in League One and played over forty games for his club last year and over one hundred and fifty League One games in the last three years, so that tells you he's an outstanding talent."

"He's young, he's hungry and he has a desire and he might want to live in South Yorkshire, which might give us the edge. We'll be continuing talks over the weekend. I've got a meeting with the chairman on Saturday morning instead of having the family he'll be having Steve Evans, but we're doing that every day now because we're so close to completing the jigsaw and I want to get it done and I need to have three or four days holiday before we come back, but if it takes until the last day then we'll do it, we're not going to make any ill-informed or bad decisions now, we're going to see this through."

"We're just about done, I'm not so sure we need 2 new strikers, I think it may be an experienced striker or a young one, we're not so sure that the loan deal we're proposing will be sanctioned by his club, we're hopeful and they've intimated that they'll look at it positively but that was at cheif executive level, when it gets to first team manager he might have thoughts that the lad might be playing a part there this season, but we've had another striker around the stadium this week and he's waiting for us to make an offer if we want to do that, he's exited about joining us and wants to play a part so he's sat there waiting if the chairman sanctions the offer then he'll be joining us."

"We are very close to a couple of signings, close could be over the weekend or next week, it's almost a case of me and the Chairman ticking the box and making it happen."