Evans ready for the long haul

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

"The fantastic backing we are going to get tomorrow doesn't surprise me. When I first came here I can remember telling the press that I thought the opening day at the New York Stadium would be a sell-out.

"The guys who have been here a long time probably thought it would be a crowd of 6,000 or 7,000 but I genuinely didn't think that because I'd already seen the feeling for the club in this town and knew the difference it would make coming back. I'd watched games at Millmoor and seen the passion on the terraces and this was the one club in South Yorkshire that had to have its turn," said Steve.

"Sheffield Wednesday have had success, United have had it, Doncaster have had it and now it's Rotherham United's turn. We've had enough go's and we know how tough it will be. As a management team we are going for a third consecu��ve promo��on and we know how hard that journey is. We also know there will be sleepless nights.

"There will be lot of weeks in the season where if you have a run of draws or lose a couple, believe me as a manager you feel it and you don't sleep because you're trying to put it right. I think three points in August is as good as three points in March in the run-in but the teams that panic and get disjointed fall away. We have a higher profile this time because of the new stadium and because some of the players we have signed are high profile, so everyone will try and upset us.

"We'll be the party villains but so were my old club Crawley. I looked at Peterborough United when they were swamping teams, they were the party villains as well. It's just jealousy within football and you'll never take that away. We have to be mindful that it is us against them every week. We've got 46 battles to win the war. We can't win them all but if we win a lot of them then we win the war and the war is promoton.

"We know what we've got to do and we'll be going all out to bring some long overdue success to Rotherham United. The club deserves it."