Evans looking at loan deal as big club won't sell

Last updated : 08 June 2012 By Bigrich.....

The gaffer spoke to MillersPlayer earlier and admitted that his attempt to tie a young striker down on a permanant deal has been dashed as his club are unwilling to sell the as yet unamed player.

But his attempts may not be in vein as he now turns his attention to bringing the lad in on loan.

"I got the go ahead off the chairman yesterday to make an approach for a striker, I made the approach to the football club, a proper football club with history. They said they don't wish to sell that man, they've no intrest in selling him, so I've gone back to the chairman about the possibility of a six or a twelve month loan, which I dont like for players in general but someone at 18 years old and with the talent he's got the chairmans given me the permission to go and ask the question and I'll go and ask that." Evans told MillersPlayer.

"To buy the boy we would have been comfortably into a six figure fee, it wouldnt have been 3-400k but it wouldnt have been short of 2. It would have been a sizable offer for our football club. It would have shown the confidence of how good that young player would go on to be."

"But his football club and it's a big one don't want to sell him, they see him in the first team in the not too distant future but they have intimated that a loan may be a possibility."

Asked if we brought this lad in on loan, would we still go on to break the Millers transfer fee of £150k on another target; "Yeah, theres money there since I agreed to join Rotherham United but I've said many times that I have no intention of spending the clubs move if I don't have to, You eithe buy for potential, and the potential has to be now for us, we don't have a year or two years to wait, so if we're going to spend that on a young man then we have to feel theres a resale value then when we've developed him and he's onto better things." he added.