Evans explains touchline antics

Last updated : 16 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

Talking to the Star today, Evans admitted that sometimes his behaviour wasnt acceptable and that he's trying and hoping that it will change for the better.

“I’m the first to admit that it became a monster to me, Sometimes I’d be going up the tunnel, looking to shake hands with the ref, and by the time I’d got there, I’m questioning him about a free-kick on the halfway line in the 69th minute yet we’ve been well beaten. There’s no need for it and I think those days have gone and I think I can be more objective."

“But I’m certainly going to be upset and animated at times and I’ll still have that passion because if you take that out of me then I’m not going to be as effective.” he said.

It's been noticed that the Glasweigian likes a good shout from the technical area; “Sometimes I’ll shout at certain players for effect, Perhaps some supporters near the dugout will probably think ‘he never moans at so-and-so, never says that to him or he always gives so-and-so a hard time".

“Supporters have to realise we are doing that for a reason. We don’t just shout and bawl at 11 players from start to finish just for the sake of it. Some of them will get a ‘well done’ and we’ll have a word; some we’ll have to get in their faces so that they give us a performance. And if we don’t have to do that, then that’s great."

“We ask our players for effort, passion, commitment as starting points. I don’t intend being any less passionate on the touchline. It’s about doing what we think needs doing.” he added.

Source - The Star