Eight express an Interest - but no formal bids yet

Last updated : 10 April 2008 By Deano
Administrator Jeremy Bleazard set the deadline for any potential parties to make him a formal offer, and supporters were informed that Bleazard WILL sell to any lone bidder for the football club.

Around 400 people attended last nights meeting (some longer than others!) and were greeted by Trust Chairman Mark Thomas, who outlined the fact that the sales packs sent out to six different parties had yet to yield a formal offer to buy Rotherham United.

Thomas stated that the club has an overall debt in the region of £500,000 to £1 million, and that Bleazard had come cap in hand for a cheque of £4,000 to help fund police costs, which need to meet the ten grand mark, in order for the final two home games of the season against Dagenham and Barnet to take place.

Thomas explained: "The administrator needs to fund matchday costs for the final two home games, such as the ambulance service, to ensure the games go on whilst police costs for the two will be £10,000.

"Six sales packs went out to interested parties and in the last two days two more have indicated interest, one of whom is expected to firm up that interest in the next 24 hours..

"But the administrator stressed that he will sell to any bidder if he is left with only one choice but that he is committed to saving the club."

Thomas also explained that any Irish consortium interest in the club was only BEFORE the club went into administration and took its ten point hit. The McMullen group, believed to be those interested at some stage, have also targeted buyouts of Scottish outfits Gretna and more recently Livingstone.

It is hoped that, in the administrators eyes, a new buyer will be in place and he'll be out by the end of the season.

The newly set up Millers' Trust support fund can be paid into by cheque, and it was suggested that supporters either boycott the final two away games at Grimsby and Mansfield, and/or pay the equivalent of monies spent on those trips into the fund - whilst season ticket holders may wish to throw in a further 40 quid in addition to having their pre-paid ticket for the final two games at Millmoor.

Fans' reaction and debate is active on our messageboard now and we'll keep you posted with any developments.
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*Quotes from the Rotherham Star