DV re-turfing to begin tomorrow

Last updated : 27 August 2009 By Deano
A lot of remedial work has taken place since Sunday and most of the affected half of the pitch will regain colour quite quickly because the grass wasn't killed, it was the lack of light and air that caused discolouration," said Rotherham's chief operating officer talking to BBC Radio Sheffield.

"There were, of course, some areas that were worn and needed work and we were aware this might well be the case and these are being re-turfed on Friday morning.

"We worked with the stadium people to get a pitch that was playable on Sunday and we had assured the Football League it would be. The referee inspected it thoroughly and was perfectly happy for the game to go ahead."

Rochdale had lodged a complaint that the pitch, used for the game in the Millers 2-1 win last week, was unfit and contained debree, but Douglas added: "No one mentioned this to us or the safety officer or the referee before the game.

"The pitch was carefully swept and thoroughly checked before the game and I am absolutely convinced there was no glass because glass and drinking glasses are not allowed into the stadium for any event. It might have been plastic from plastic pint pots used at the U2 concert.

"Does anyone think that Mark Robins and this football club would have allowed our players to go and play on a pitch where their safety would have been compromised? Of course not."

Douglas has issued a full report to the Football League in response to Rochdale's claims and will await a decision.

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