Douglas: The pitch will get better

Last updated : 13 February 2009 By Bigrich.....
With all the poor weather recently and Sheffield Eagles RLFC and Parramore Sports also playing at DVS, the pitch is in for a battering for the last trhee months of the season.

"We recognise we need to do more to get the playing surface we want," said chief operating officer Paul Douglas speaking to the Advertiser.

"That's one of the reasons why, despite the Don Valley staff themselves being committed to providing us with a pitch suitable for professional football, we feel it is important to have a groundsman of our own to maintain the quality of care it needs.

"There's a twice-yearly review of the pitch in which marks are given by referees and opposing managers. We've just got the latest and we came in just below the divisional average.

"Considering the short time amount of time we've been at Don Valley, we're quite encouraged by that.

"We don't feel encumbered in any way by our arrangement there. We do share with a rugby team but Rugby League is a running game and does not hammer the pitch like Union would do with its rucks and mauls."

Following Tuesday's postponment of the Bury clash, Douglas added: "There was no way the pitch was going to be playable."
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