Douglas - Don't desert the club!

Last updated : 04 April 2008 By Deano
Speaking to today's Advertiser, Douglas explained about the need to have fans through the turnstiles to help ease the fragile cash flow.

He explained: "This is the last chance that Rotherham United will have to reincarnate itself.

"The cash flow is very fragile at the moment and so much depends upon support coming through the gate in the remaining matches. People shouldn't come expecting to see a fantastic team performance but to turn up purely and simply to help save their football club.

"We don't want Sunday, May 4th, the day after the last match of the season to go down in infamy as the day the gates were locked at Millmoor and we went out of business.

"The administrator has said that if this had been a ball bearing firm then he would have locked it up straight away. But the fact is that it's a football club with all its heritage and tradition and it is worth battling on for.

"It's a precarious situation. We've had interest from potential buyers but nothing you can hang your hat on.

"Everyone wants an 11th hour rescue but it might not happen. We need to make sure that the 11th hour at least comes."
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