Don Valley move could affect friendly games

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The gaffer has worries that the playing surface at DVS could put some teams off risking thier first teams as the Millers look to prepare for thier first season away from Millmoor.

"Where we have got fixtures we will be accomodated at Don Valley Stadium, the only way we may be interuppted is if the club we have arranged to play takes a different view and does not want to send a first team."

"We've got to make sure we're in a position where the surface is good enough so as we're not embaressed when entertaining clubs."

Looking for new Training ground.
Meanwhile, new owner Tony Stewart has told Radio Sheffield that the club has looked at new training facilities for the players after also leaving Hooton Lodge which was also owned by the Booth family.

"We have highlighted certain areas. I'm fine that we will have the facilities in place for the training of not just the first team but the youths as well. We've done the early investigations and we have got certain sites that will accommodate that." Stewart said.

MillersMAD understands that the Auroura on Bawtry Rd is one of the places looked at..

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