Do right by the lads - Barker

Last updated : 26 July 2020 By Millersmad

The players came back to pre-season training on July 1st, less than a month after being promoted when the L1 season was curtailed.

Of course, the current Championship season is still being played, and no definate start date for the 2020-21 season has yet been given.

“We wanted to get three weeks of good work into the players and then give them a break, We’ve been respectful throughout about the rules governing Covid-19 and we’ve had 100 per cent negative tests." Barker told the Advertiser.

“The players have worked extremely hard. We got them to a level where we were comfortable they could have a week off and get ready for the even harder work that will come."

“September 12 still hasn’t been confirmed as a start date for next season, but we’re working on the basis that it will be. That gives us time for a six/seven-week run-in starting next week, which is longer than a normal pre-season.”

“With international travel now open, it was unfair to say to the players ‘Look, you’re not entitled to some kind of break, I appreciate the fact they’ve had a long time off because of the coronavirus situation but, mentally and socially, it’s good for them after lockdown to go and spend some time with their families in a different place to their own house"

“Hopefully, we will have a refreshed and a renewed group when we come back. We’ve got a tough season coming up. You do the right thing by the lads, they appreciate it and you get a little bit more work out of them when they come back.”

Given yesterdays news that visitors to Spain now need to quarantine for 14 days after arriving back in the UK, lets hope they've all gone to Skeggy.