Dino - We're still intrested and got the funds.

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"Myself and Alan Cartledge have met with the administrator and submitted proof of funding from the consortium to him. We have been informed that we will be recieving a sales pack from him in the next few days which will provide us with the financial information on the clubs current situation."

Dino was asked with the interest from the Irish consortium wether his consortium was looking to invest or to take the club over; "Well its investment and takeover but at the end of the day whichever is for the best of Rotherham United, whichever the administrator thinks is the best consortium."

Dino was then asked about the plans for a move to Don Valley Stadium; "Well at the moment I think Rotherham United still should be at Millmoor, to me thats where they've always been but if Don Valley's the place then albeit. But before we move to Don Valley or anywhere else I stil think we should discuss with the Booth's about Millmoor."

"I don't actually know how much Don Valley would cost, so we really need to look at the cost and if its worth the move to Don Valley, we need to work out the cost of the move and if the fans would come to Don Valley."

Asked if there was a timescale on his own consortiums attempt to takeover at Millmoor Dino said; "We're waiting for the administrator now, we've got our funding programme there and we're going to look at the package that he is going to provide us with on Tuesday and see what we actually need to put Rotherham back as it should be", Dino said.

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