Deal or no Deal for Millmoor??

Last updated : 11 May 2008 By Bigrich.....
Dump but home!!
The Booth family, Tony Stewart and officials from RMBC held a meeting on Wednesday but unfortunately no deal was finalised.

With a decision needing to be made soon on the home ground for the Millers, it looks as if time is running out for any future at Millmoor for the Millers.

The clubs operating office Paul Douglas told todays Advertiser; "Both sides are aware of each others position, have put their cases and there is not a lot else to discuss. Both parties are aware of the other's position but it is a question now of wether they can move on it."

Dump - New Home??
"There are three main sticking points and if we can't find something in commom on those then we will be moving away from Millmoor. The sticking points are the level of rent, length of the lease and the dilapidation of the ground."

"We are aware that time is moving on. Both sides are aware of that. A conclusion will be reached soon, maybe today or maybe next week." Douglas added.