Cup win pleases Warne

Last updated : 25 August 2019 By Millersmad

“We started really well and we pressed really high - the front three were very energetic, I joked with Carlton Morris that it was the best three minutes I've seen from a striker all season but he was excellent and unfortunately got a head injury and had to come off. His bravery got us the second goal and I think all of our good play really came from our front three pressing."

“The midfield backed them up and we won the ball back high and for a nice change took all of chances that our play deserved and a clean sheet away from home is always good, so we're pretty pleased."

“The front three were a constant threat. I thought Vass and possibly Matt Olosunde were our best performers. I've got a lot of time for my little American. People forget he's only played two league games. He's up and down there all day long and a real threat. Half a time I'm not sure what he's going to do with it but it always seems to come out alright."

“Vass was excellent. He has really stepped up over the summer, come back in really good shape and he really wants to be in the team and his performances justified he started tonight and he's keeping some good players out.”