Crooks ready for a tough German trip

Last updated : 01 July 2019 By Millersmad

Speaking to the 25 year old started his 1st pre-season with the Millers after joining the club in January spoke of the hard work ahead.

“The last week of the break is never nice because you know you're coming back to a lot of hard work. I was sweating a bit in the car on the way to the first session, I had to put the air conditioning on, In all seriousness, I'm enjoying being back with the lads and getting to know the new lads, even though it is tough, I'm just enjoying myself."

“The day-to-day sessions are really hard during the season so I'm already wondering how hard pre-season will get when they can really work us hard. As we speak I'm just watching Julien Lamy do his mile run and I'm absolutely dreading it.”

“People do say that it is notoriously harder for January signings to fit in but I felt like I did that, especially towards the end and I started to understand the way the staff wanted me to play and it worked,” he continued.

“I think getting through pre-season injury-free is the main thing for me. I'll be working hard and I feel like I improved over the last six months since I've been here and hopefully the extra time with the staff, fitness coaches and other people at the club I can keep getting better.”

The Millers will fly out to their German training camp at Barsinghausen on Sunday, after thier first pre-season game against Parkgate at the Millers training ground.

“I've Googled Barsinghausen already! I wanted to see what the weather was like because I was hoping it would rain. If you're running all the time, I'd prefer to do it in the rain so it isn't as hard, but the day before I'd looked it was 35 degrees, so that isn't working in our favour,” Crooks added.

“There'll be lots of running, bike rides and more running, more bike rides and then we might see a football!”