Coca~Cola introduces its yearly promotion

Last updated : 10 January 2008 By Bigrich.....

This year's promotion is along the same lines as last years with a code on special packs of Coca~Cola, which you can text or enter on the website.

The Millers own youth setup has been a hotbed of talent in recent years, producing players such as Will Hoskins, Stephen Brogan and Ryan Taylor just name just a few who have been given a professional contract.

Coca~Cola have released the following on their website: The Football League is the breeding ground for future stars, so 'Coke Zero' is giving you the chance to help find the superstar of the future, by netting £25,000 for your club's youth development EVERY WEEK for the next 8 weeks. Not only will you be a club hero, you'll also score £1,000 for yourself to celebrate your win!

All our winners will also have the unique opportunity to meet Wayne Rooney himself at an exclusive closed door event.

PLUS! The fan who enters the most times for their club will be crowned Superfan and will win a special club experience prize!

£25,000 would help the Millers youth setup immensely, Just grab a promotional pack of 'Coke Zero' or 'Coke' for your chance to win.

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