Coakley delighted with Parkgate extension

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After the deal to link up with Parkgate again folowed the news of the new stadium site announcement this week, Coakley said he was delighted for al concerned.

Speaking to the Tiser, "It's great news," said Steve. "Parkgate and Rotherham United go back a long time and from day one of my time here it was clear it was going to be a great relationship that could build and grow.

"It's testimony to everyone involved, particularly at Parkgate, that we've managed to do this deal so early. To extend for the next two years, and on improved terms, is great news as we look to strive forward and build on our revenue streams. It's another local institution we're glad to be in partnership with.

"What we've got planned for this season and what we've got planned for the next calendar year is going to be quite something for both parties."

It's a very tough economic climate and without the support of the likes of Parkgate, and indeed all businesses who support the club, it's difficult to achieve everything we're striving for," he said. "We can work as hard as we do but you've got to have someone on the end of it who is as open to it as we are." Steve says has found just that at Parkgate, adding: "The guys there have been so supportive about what we do and by securing Parkgate and Perrys this early, it puts us in a really good position to get kits in nice and early for when our supporters go on holiday in the summer. We're in a good position ahead of timescale and the critical path we need to deliver in good time.

"Thankfully, Perrys and Parkgate should enable us to do just that. We want to support the local club and the local economy. We've had a great relationship with Tony and Steve from day one. Tony is very driven and he has a big vision and everything he promised in the early days he has done.

"With the new ground and bringing football back to Rotherham and the town centre, it fits in with the renaissance.

"It is the ideal partnership really because in Rotherham United and Parkgate Shopping we have two great businesses with great pride in the area and great community responsibility and by working together we can make a great difference to the town."

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