Coaching - I don't think its for me - Warney

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Since the departure of Mark Robins and the majority of the backroom team, Warney has been helping boss Ronnie Moore with the training sessions, but will he want to do it after he hangs up his boots?; "I don't think it's for me." he told the Tiser .

"It's a pain. I'd rather just concentrate on playing and being in the team. Everyone says, 'you're 36 and it's a great opportunity for you,' but I didn't sign here to be a warm-up man. I signed up to play and that's what I want.
" Warne said.

"I prefer playing more than anything and now I understand, as I'm getting to the twilight of playing, why managers say 'I wish I was you playing today.' I get that now because nothing can beat playing and winning games."

"I'm not prepared to take that sidewards step and turn into a coach. I don't think it's me." he added.

"We've gone from four or five coaching staff to Ronnie, Jimmy Mullen and myself. I'm not on the staff but I do all the warm-ups and the fitness work and play as well and it's hard. I didn't mind helping Steve but wow, it was stressful. I just enjoy playing football and I don't think it's possible to do both."

"I'm training at the moment to be a teacher. I've done my degree and I'm now doing a teaching degree. I want to do that but you never say never. I'm no different to anyone else. I need to pay bills like anyone else and come next summer I'd like to think I've another year of playing in me. If I haven't and the club want me to stay on and work for a year then I'd have to consider it. I'm not stupid." Warne added.

After last weeks FA Cup win at Wealdstone, Warney is hoping the team can regain their form in the league; "We need to get back to winning ways in the league and get the confidence back. It's just a pity on Sunday that we didn't go from 2-0 to 5-0."

"This is my honest opinion because I'm not biased towards Robbo or Ronnie, but in the early weeks of the season I don't think we were playing a lot better than we have been recently. It's just that then we were winning games because any chances we had, we took. Recently we've not been doing that."

"We battered Hereford and should have won. We battered Bury away in the first half and should have won comfortably. I don't think we deserved to beat Crewe."

"Obviously we're going to concede goals—we're not Liverpool in the '80s—but we just need that little bit of luck. We had that on Sunday with Alfie's first goal which bounced in off the back of him. Now we need to push on."