Clubs queing for Jono

Last updated : 28 August 2017 By Millersmad

“Plenty of clubs have come in for Jono, If a club comes in who we all think is suitable for him and the player wants to do it, that’s a conversation we’ll have." Warne told the Star.

Clarke-Harris signed a 1 year deal in the summer after spending last season sidelined by injury.

“I spoke to him before the first league game, at Fleetwood, He was disappointed he wasn’t included, and he was entitled to feel disappointed. Ever since then, I’ve included him. He’s played a few minutes here and there."

“He’s trained really hard and he hasn’t knocked on my door saying he wants out. As I sit here now, I’m not aware there is any issue with him."

“If any of my players came to me, even if it was my captain, and said ‘ Look, my heart is set on going somewhere else, I don’t want to play here anymore’, then what is the point in me having them here? I would try to get the best bit of business I could for the club.” Warne added.